Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Runners: Here's How To Prevent Achilles Tendon Injuries

by Linda Lopez

It's the largest tendon in your body, but that does not mean your Achilles tendon is impervious to injuries. Achilles tendon soreness, tearing, and separation leaves many runners sidelined each year. To ensure you don't suffer the same fate, make sure you're doing these things to protect your Achilles tendons.

 Do plyometric drills.

When your Achilles tendon is inflexible, it is more likely to tear or become strained. In order to improve the flexibility of your tendons, it is important to add some pliometric drills to your running routine. These will challenge your Achilles tendons in new ways, increasing their range of motion in a way that simply running will not. Some simple plyometric drills to try include:

  • High knees: Do several 100-meter stretches where you lift your knees as high as possible while moving forward at a brisk pace.
  • Side steps: Shuffle from side to side for about 100 meters. Rest, and the repeat going the other direction.
  • Squat jumps: Squat down as low as you can, and then jump straight up into the air.

Run on softer surfaces.

The Achilles tendon absorbs a lot of the shock when your foot hits the ground. The harder the surface you're running on, the more stress it is put under. You can reduce your risk of Achilles injuries by running on softer surfaces, at least for some of your runs. Do your intervals on the track instead of the road. Head out on a trail run on the weekend instead of logging your long run on sidewalks. The less time you spend on pavement and concrete, the better.

Get fitted for shoes.

A lot of runners don't put the necessary time and care into finding the right shoes for their feet and for their stride. Just because a shoe feels comfortable on your foot does not mean that it encourages your foot to land properly. Shoes that allow the foot to roll too far inward are especially bad for your Achilles tendons. Visit a running shoe store and have one of their technicians analyze your stride and recommend shoes. This will help prevent all running injuries -- not just Achilles problems.

If your Achilles tendon starts feeling sore, take a few days off and ice the area. Continuing to push through Achilles pain will just make it worse. If the symptoms don't clear within a few days of resting and icing, see a podiatrist, like Dr. Lisa M. Schoene, for treatment.


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