Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Podiatry Foot Care Is An Important Factor Of Good Diabetic Control

by Linda Lopez

Many people with diabetes know only too well that podiatry foot care is an important aspect of their diabetes control activity. Many other diabetics are unaware of the importance of good foot care. Even when you control your glucose levels with good diet and exercise habits, however, you must also check your feet each day to make sure you have no cuts, bruises or any other condition that could invite bacterial growth and future amputation of your feet. Amputation becomes necessary when a cut or ulcerated sores on your feet develop into gangrenous tissue of your feet. That's why podiatry care is so important. You should make sure that you do not miss your podiatry appointments.

How Your Podiatrist Helps You

Podiatrists are trained physicians who examine your feet and arrive at risk assessment conclusions about the condition of your feet. Your podiatrist then decides what type of treatment plan best suits you following these examinations. They will generally assign your treatment plan to one of three risk assessment categories.

Medicare reimburses your podiatrist for your office visits just as they do any other licensed physician. If you are an elderly patient who is unable to cut your own toenails, your podiatrist will set up a regular schedule for you to visit and have your toenail needs looked after. Medicare pays for that type of foot care as well.

Proper Diets

Always remember to control your diabetic condition with proper diets. Cut back on consumption of too much carbohydrates. Choose to eat balanced meals with lots of dark green and leafy vegetables. Your vegetables should be the largest portion of your balanced meal.

High Glucose Levels Cause Diabetic Neuropathy

You run the risk of developing diabetic neuropathy in your feet when your blood glucose levels are too high. Neuropathy causes nerve damage. That condition reportedly limits the pain sensation that 45 percent of diabetics experience, according to a website article. The article notes that nerve damage is responsible for poor circulation and leaves you open for the development of bacterial infection.

Develop Good At-Home Foot Care Habits

Wash and dry your feet each night. Apply a good diabetic lotion on your feet, but never allow the lotion to remain between your toes. Keep that area dry at all times. If you can cut your toenails, trim the nails straight across without cutting into any tissue. Examine your feet for any unusual breaks existing between your toes or elsewhere. If you find any skin breaks that do not heal in about two days, schedule a visit with your podiatrist.


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Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

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