Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Addressing Two Common Feet Problems

by Linda Lopez

Your feet are surprisingly complex, and this means that they can be prone to experience a number of problems that can lead to pain and difficulty walking. Unfortunately, most patients are unsure of how some of the more routine problems that people experience with their feet are addressed. Due to this lack of information, it can be difficult to find relief from these painful problems, but if you have the following couple of questions answered, you may be in a better position to have these foot problems corrected. 

What Are The Symptoms Of A Fungal Foot Infection?

Fungal infections are a relatively common issue that many people experience, and while this may not sound like a major problem, it is important to note that fungal infection can lead to numerous complications for your feet. For example, it is possible for these infections to contribute to foul smells, itching or burning sensations and discoloration of the toenails and skin. 

If you notice your feet chronically smelling worse than normal, you may be suffering from this problem. The smell occurs due to the waste products emitted by the fungi, but it is not the only warning sign. Any painful problem with the skin on your feet should be treated as a potential fungal infection, and you should closely inspect your toenails. Discoloration, brittleness or cracking can all indicate a diseased toenail that needs to be treated. When you notice this problem, you should thoroughly wash and sanitize both your feet and shoes to help eliminate these organisms before they are able to cause problems for your feet. 

How Can You Treat A Painful Corn?

In addition to fungal infections, the development of corns is another common painful problem that feet can develop. This problem occurs due to an excess amount of skin developing in a specific area of the foot. The result is a small and hard mound of skin that cause intense pain when you step on it. 

Fortunately, these problems are relatively simple to treat, and you can have your foot specialist use a chemical to freeze the corn until it dies and falls off. To prevent this problem from returning, you should consider changing your shoes to ones that comfortably support your foot without excessively rubbing against the skin.

When you develop problems with your feet, you can find many aspects of your life negatively impacted. Whether it is an inability to walk comfortably due to a corn or you are experiencing pain from a fungal infection, knowing how to address these problems will help you minimize the complications they cause for your daily life. Contact a company like Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle for more information.


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