Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Treatments A Podiatrist Might Recommend For Your Painful Metatarsalgia

by Linda Lopez

Metatarsalgia is pain in the ball of your foot. It has a number of causes and it is one of the more common types of foot pain. You may need treatment from a podiatrist for this condition when the pain won't go away or when it's so bad it interferes with your daily activities. Here are some treatments your podiatrist might recommend.

Rest Your Foot

Rest is an important part of treatment for metatarsalgia. This foot condition is made worse by repetitive pounding when you run or by standing on hard surfaces for long periods. Try to rest with your foot elevated throughout the day so the inflamed tissues in your foot have a chance to heal.

Try Ice And Anti-Inflammatory Medication For Pain

When you're resting your foot, apply ice to the painful area to help decrease inflammation and pain. Your podiatrist might also recommend anti-inflammatory medications you can buy over the counter.

If your pain is severe, the podiatrist might consider a corticosteroid injection in the painful area. Corticosteroids can provide long-lasting relief from inflammation and pain.

Switch Your Shoes And Socks

Your podiatrist might recommend specific brands of padded socks that help cushion the ball of your foot to help with pain relief when you have to work or be on the go. In addition, wearing certain types of shoes can take pressure off the ball of your foot to reduce constant irritation. Shoes with rocker soles or arch support might be advised.

Metatarsalgia is often worse when you go barefoot, so finding the right shoes and socks to wear daily is important for reducing pain, speeding healing, and preventing another episode of metatarsalgia.

Wear Orthotics

Your podiatrist may prescribe orthotics for you to wear. These provide padding to the ball of your foot along with foot support. You might buy orthotics that are premade or you might need to buy custom orthotics.

If your metatarsalgia is caused by your gait rather than an injury, wearing the right orthotics might help prevent future episodes of foot pain. Plus, custom orthotics are high-quality, last longer, and fit your foot precisely.

A podiatrist can diagnose your foot pain to pinpoint the problem and then prescribe the right treatment. Since metatarsalgia has different causes, the treatments can vary too. Pain in the ball of your foot makes it difficult to walk and stay active. It takes time for inflamed tissues to heal completely, and a podiatrist helps manage the pain during that time so you can continue to work and keep up with family life as much as possible.


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