Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

What You Should Do When You Twist Your Ankle

by Linda Lopez

When you fall or stumble and twist your ankle, you may want to brush the situation off as no big deal. However, if you have hurt your ankle and are in any type of pain, it is important that you take proper care of your injury and do not disregard or downplay your pain. Get to know some of the steps to take when you have twisted your ankle so you can be sure you are taking the best possible care of yourself and your health going forward. 

Rest Your Ankle and Keep It Elevated 

One of the ways that you can deal with your twisted ankle is to do a little self-care at home. After you have injured your ankle, it is a good idea to give it a rest as much as possible. Stay off your feet and allow yourself to take a break from all of the activities you normally engage in. 

Put your foot up in an elevated position as well. This can help to prevent and reduce swelling and can even lower the amount of pain you are in with your twisted ankle. Try to keep it elevated whenever you are resting it. Ice packs can also help to reduce swelling when you have ankle up and elevated. 

Go to a Foot and Ankle Specialist

If you have elevated and rested your ankle and are still experiencing pain or discomfort, the next logical step is to see a doctor, particularly a foot and ankle specialist.  While a general practitioner can give you a general exam for your ankle injury, it is a good idea to see a specialist when you have experienced an ankle injury. A foot and ankle specialist will know for the subtle signs of a more serious ankle injury and will be able to help you deal with your twisted ankle in the most direct and effective way possible. 

When you go to your specialist, they will perform a manual examination of your ankle. They will ask you to perform certain movements and will test your ankle's flexibility as well as its strength. The doctor will also likely request x-rays of your ankle, especially if you have very limited movement or a great deal of swelling. An x-ray can help determine if you have fractured or broken your ankle when you twisted it 

Once you have your ankle injury diagnosis, whether it is a strain, sprain, or fracture, you can get a comprehensive treatment plan from your foot and ankle specialist. Often, this includes a combination of braces and supports, exercises and physical therapy, and medications to help manage the pain. You will then follow up with your podiatrist as needed to ensure that your ankle injury is healing as quickly and as well as possible. 

Now that you know a few of the steps to take when you twisted your ankle, you can be sure you are doing what is best for your health and recovery. 


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