Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Taking Care Of Your Whole Body

Exploring A New City? Choose The Right Footwear

by Linda Lopez

When the only walking you do is from your car to your desk and around your office, you might be able to get away with wearing shoes that don't fit quite properly. However, when you embark on a trip to explore a new city, you'll be walking miles each day. Ill-fitted footwear is bound to cause problems. If you're lucky, your poorly fitted shoes will just leave you with blisters. If you're not so lucky, you might end up with heel pain and sore tendons that linger for weeks.

Qualities of Good Shoes

To find shoes for your upcoming trip, visit a reputable shoe store in your area. This is not the time to head to the discount or overstock store. You don't have to buy designer shoes, but you do need to buy from a reputable brand that pays attention to the foot-friendly design of their footwear. A lot of cheaper brands just focus on looks, and if you wear their shoes for more than a quick walk, you'll be pretty uncomfortable.

Some qualities to look for in a good shoe include:

  • Construction from a porous fabric to let your skin breathe, or if a shoe is made from leather, vent holes for air circulation.
  • A sole that flexes easily, which will allow your foot to bend naturally as you walk.
  • Padding on the inside of the arch area for arch support.
  • A thick sole made from rubberized material to protect your feet from stones and debris.

Although most people think of sneakers when it comes to selecting walking shoes, this is not your only option. For women, there are plenty of flat leather and canvas shoes that look stylish, fit comfortably, and offer enough support for walking around the city.

How to Check a Shoe's Fit

When you find a pair of shoes that you like, you must try them on. A shoe that's the right size should leave about ½ inch between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. It should not slide up and down as you walk, and it should not feel tight, either.  If your toes feel squished, than you need a wider size, and if they are flopping around as you walk, you probably need a narrower shoe.

Make sure you walk around in the shoes before deciding whether to purchase them. Ask a salesperson for advice if you're not sure whether a shoe fits properly. Most shoe stores employ trained shoe fit experts that will help you find what you need.

Taking the time to find a comfortable pair of walking shoes before embarking on your trip might save you a trip to the podiatrist later. Of course, if you already have any pains or foot problems, getting treatment from a clinic like Advanced Foot & Ankle Center of Palatine before your vacation can prevent you from exacerbating your current condition. Your feet work hard to support you as you walk. Make sure you're supporting them with the right shoes.


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